For long term brightness: Up to 10 hours using Cree LED bulb

The unique electrical properties of the SunLuxe LED Spotlight make it possible to control the beam from an electronic circuit to the battery. This enables the brightness of the beam to remain constant as the battery drains. The benefit is that even though the batteries are considered dead in any other type of flashlight, the LED continues to give light for hours after the high brightness mode is past. Exclusive built in dimmer control feature inluded. Cordless, rechargeable thru AC or DC.


Submersible for hours: Cree LED bulb technology

The water-resistant LED spotlight is designed to incorporate the latest LED technology with a multi-purpose lighting enclosure for all weather and maritime conditions. Unit will float and is submersible up to 6 feet deep. Exclusive built- in dimmer control feature included. Cordless, rechargeable through AC or DC.

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Fluorescent lighting for job site areas

The cordless, rechargeable ultra-bright fluorescent tube pivoting work light is the ultimate portable work light solution. The pivoting base and retractable hooks provide lighting solutions to those hard to reach areas. The unit comes with AC cordless recharging adapter


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